5 goals

I always find the PinkCasts awesome. I would to encourage you to watch this one:

Pinkcast 2.17: Life advice from Warren Buffett

I personally tried to do this exercise and it’s really interesting!

Here are my 25 goals and in bold, I have selected the 5 goals to focus on before moving to the others!

    1. Become a Cognitive Coaching trainer
    2. Become an Adaptive school trainer
    3. Work for, with, in close collaboration with ISTE
    4. Live in a beautiful and natural place
    5. Build my home
    6. Do a ted talk
    7. Become better at teaching the silent way
    8. Travel the world (including US national parks and Alaska….)
    9. Learn an instrument
    10. Learn how to sing
    11. Become a better gardener
    12. Write a book
    13. Make stuff online to help people teach themselves French
    14. Contribute more to the subtle site
    15. Learn German
    16. Brew my own beers
    17. Learn coding
    18. Become a skilled horse rider
    19. Feel confident diving (mask replacement and other skills)
    20. Read more
    21. Increase my general knowledge
    22. Practice self-compassion
    23. Improve my communication skills when having difficult conversations
    24. Relax a bit
    25. Create a parody documentary on YouTube video to spread awareness about cleanliness in India and to teach video production skills

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