Self-Directed Online Learning (S-DOL)

Self-Directed Online Learning (S-DOL)

No Borders Learning offers flexible learning pathways for individuals who challenge the status quo and who want to make a positive difference in their context (classroom, home, school, district) and who would like to contribute beyond to influence the bigger picture.

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An Eye-Opening Experience

The Learning Ecosystems facilitated course was quite an eye-opener to me, it brought to the forefront the issues I took for granted. I have become more confident at protecting the rights of learners and also at growing new and fresh ideas that will change the education landscape in Kenya and in Africa.

Robert Omwa

Teacher in a Secondary School in Kenya

A Progressive and Holistic Approach

When I joined the Learning Ecosystems course, I wished more educators from my context took the course. When I completed this course, I wished ALL educators in the world took this course! First attending to the heart, then exercising the mind and finally engaging the will power, this course mirrors progressive co-constructing of a healthy learning ecosystem in such a rewarding way that any educator would enjoy and benefit from. It’s a true gem!

Fanny is such a resourceful instructor, warm, approachable and very professional. Having a scholar approach and demonstrating wittiness, she shows up as very knowledgeable and is respected by all course participants. I am so happy and honored to have worked with her. Her coursework is like a comprehensive rich portfolio of everything that a progressive and holistic educator would ever need. A number of examples, prompts, templates, examples to reflect on, theory-based conceptual frameworks, models, stems, very effective  compare and contrast infographics, references, videos, links to outside resources and much much more! 

If you are a courageous educator who is all about growth and empowering their students, you are taking this course with the next cohort! Good luck!

Sanja Kišiček

Postdoc in Information & Communication Sciences, Croatia