Caitlin McLemore is an educational consultant that works with students and teachers of all ages to implement innovative solutions to the challenges of teaching and learning in the digital age through transformative uses of educational technology. 

Previously, she worked as the Librarian – Technology Specialist at Shorecrest Preparatory School, Academic Technology Specialist at Harpeth Hall, and Technology Integration Specialist at Currey Ingram Academy. Caitlin has an Ed.D. from Johns Hopkins University with a specialization in Technology Integration in K-16 Education. She also has a B.A. and M.Ed. from the University of Florida in Elementary Education/Educational Technology. 

Caitlin is a Google Certified Innovator and Trainer. Caitlin was named an ISTE Emerging Leader in 2017 and the ISTE Outstanding Young Educator in 2018.

Fanny Passeport is an international educator who previously worked as a Director of Learning, French Foreign Language Teacher and Technology Integrator/Coach.

Fanny started her international experience as an International Baccalaureate French Language Acquisition teacher in Middle and High School and later taught in the Elementary School.

She received the Emerging Leader and the Young Outstanding Educator Awards from the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE). After this experience, she and her global collaborator: Caitlin McLemore, wrote the book Stretch Yourself: A Personalized Journey to Deepen Your Teaching Practice, published by ISTE in 2019.

Short description

In Stretch Yourself: A Personalized Journey to Deepen Your Teaching Practice, two award-winning young educators from opposite sides of the globe share their insights to guide teachers, especially those new to the profession, on how to dare to take risks and innovate in their daily teaching practice. Using the metaphor of yoga–with its focus on process and practice–the authors take teachers on a journey of self-reflection and assessment, leading them through three stages: Breathe, Stretch and Meditate. The book covers such topics as developing a sense of self-awareness to achieve excellence and the importance of maintaining balance and persevering in your practice.

Podcast & Discussion video

Ed Tech Yoga? How Breathing, Stretching, and Reflecting Improves Your Teaching

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