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In Stretch Yourself: A Personalized Journey to Deepen Your Teaching Practice, two award-winning young educators from opposite sides of the globe share their insights to guide teachers, especially those new to the profession, on how to dare to take risks and innovate in their daily teaching practice. Using the metaphor of yoga–with its focus on process and practice–the authors take teachers on a journey of self-reflection and assessment, leading them through three stages: Breathe, Stretch and Meditate. The bookcovers such topics as developing a sense of self-awareness to achieve excellence and the importance of maintaining balance and persevering in your practice

About the Authors


Authors Fanny Passeport & Caitlin McLemore.

Fanny Passeport @fanny_passeport

I have been working as an Educational Technology Coach at Mercedes-Benz International School (PK-12) in Pune, India for the past four years. I graduated in Ethno-ecology (a Master’s degree which mixed ethnology and ecology) in 2009, and carried out my field work in the Indian Himalayas. While studying ethno-ecology, I enrolled in an online course on French Foreign Language Teaching Pedagogy. I started teaching English as a Second Language in France and then moved to India to teach French in international schools. I started using Moodle and my interest slowly grew toward blended learning. I became a tech-savvy colleague who helped others with technical glitches and soon started to read more about technology integration. It was only when I became a Google Certified Teacher (2014) that I really entered the edtech sphere. I first collected edtech badges and certificates as these titles helped me get recognized and feel valued. They also opened up multiple networks of like-minded people with whom I often collaborate. From a tool-centered approach, I slowly developed an understanding of the impact and purpose of edtech which I share on my website and blog:

I am strongly involved with ISTE, in particular by volunteering in the leadership of the Young Educator Network, Professional Learning Network. I won the ISTE 2016 EdTech Coach PLN award, one of the 2016 Emerging Leader awards, and the 2017 Young Outstanding Educator Award.

Something special – I teach French as a Foreign language using the Silent Way which is a pedagogical approach created by Caleb Gattegno. This means that I don’t provide a model to repeat and can teach without speaking much!

Caitlin McLemore


I am currently the Academic Technology Specialist at Harpeth Hall School, an independent college-preparatory school for young women in grades 5-12 located in Nashville, Tennessee. In my role, I work with faculty and students to foster effective and meaningful technology integration within the classroom curriculum. I also facilitate and lead design and innovation projects in our school makerspace. In 2018, our middle school program was proud to be named a finalist for the Future of Education Technology Conference STEM Excellence Award.

I received the 2018 Outstanding Young Educator Award by ISTE. I was also named an Emerging Leader by ISTE in 2017 and was part of the winning team for the ISTE Librarians’ Network Technology Innovation Primary Award in 2014. I was on the Young Educator Network (YEN) leadership team from 2017-2018 and before YEN, I served on the leadership team of the IMobile Learning Network from 2013-2017, including as President and Communications Chair. I have volunteered for ISTE in a variety of additional roles including as an Annual Conference Proposal Review Chair, Award Judge, Beta Tester for VMLA, Board Ballot Selection Committee Member, Student Standards Refresh Committee Member, and YEN Scholarship Mentor.

I earned an M.Ed. in Elementary Education with a specialization in Educational Technology from the University of Florida in 2010. I am currently a doctoral student at Johns Hopkins University, pursuing a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) with a specialization in Technology Integration in K-16 Education. My research focuses on preparing middle school students for successful participation in the digital age through development of critical information literacy skills. I am also interested in computer science, game-based learning, makerspaces, and girls in STEM.

Fun fact: In 2014, I read all 90+ Newbery Award winning books, in order, and blogged about them at (I have also read the winner each year since).


Flexibility Quiz

Go to this GoogleDoc and take the Quiz. Then calculate your results and read your profiles(s).

Mindfulness Meditation – Discovering Your Best Version as an Educator: A Mindfulness Meditation

Students Standards Venn Diagram to plan an integrated lesson

Stretching Exercise Template - Combining standards

Make a copy of the GoogleDrawing Template here.


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