What is the best option for me to learn about Learning Ecosystems?

It depends. 

  • For an individual

If you are looking for a soft introduction, you may like to watch the pre-recorded webinar which focused on the “what”. When you want to dive a bit deeper, you might like a self-paced course and if you are committed to developing new practice or reflecting at a deeper level, you might engage in a facilitated course. 

  • For a school/organization

If you want to gauge whether this might interest your school, you might want to connect with us and together, we could assess where you are and want to be. Most likely, the pre-recorded introduction can give you a good idea of what we could dive into deeper in your own context later on.

Can we bulk order the book “Stretch Yourself” from No Borders Learning?

For bulk orders, please contact us so we can work with our publisher to provide you with a discount.

Do you provide financial support?

Based on our values of compassion and empowerment, we are committed to providing services to all. When you experience financial barriers to accessing our services, please get in touch, and on a case-by-case basis, we may offer discounts (including significant discounts) so you can grow with us. 

Can we share your content?

We are honored to have you re-share our resources so more people can access them. We would like to request you to provide the sources when you re-share, by citing or simply linking back to our website.

Some limitations for paid products: If you are purchasing a resource/product from us, we request that you do not re-share it or that you are discreet in re-sharing it. For example, you may re-share with a few immediate colleagues but not with a whole school for instance.

Handouts shared with schools/organizations: If your school has hired our services and you were given access to the Handout section of this site, please keep the material within the school as this was customized for your needs.