Imagine a learning environment where all students are self-driven, discover themselves and enjoy the learning process. Where teachers are learning activators who tap into students’ emerging potential, elevating their strengths, resulting in thriving communities of learners. 

No Borders Learning instigates the journey from ‘within’ where individual and collective awareness is revealed through pausing to intentionally aligning with aspirations; to ‘beyond’ into co-constructing healthy learning ecosystems, where meaningful interactions and conversations foster well-being and sustainable learning.


No Borders Learning is the Education Innovation Catalyst, instigating a journey from within to beyond, enabling users to direct and drive their own learning and growth; at the same time develop the capability to build healthy ecosystems for the collective well-being for all stakeholders, towards sustainable learning.

For the Shapers of today and tomorrow who seek to be courageous, and teach young learners with the intention for their learning to occur, in thriving educational environments.

We achieve this through an inclusive platform where everyone can belong, search, reflect and evolve; supported by carefully researched and proven practices that simplify the entire process by addressing three core areas: attend to the heart, exercise the mind and engage the will power.


No Borders Learning seeks to foster the true spirit of innovation in education and inspire courageous learners; create self-driven learning communities and facilitate building thriving learning environments of the future.

Fanny Passeport

Education Consultant, Founder of No Borders Learning

A 21st century learner, leader and invitational educator who believes everyone is able, valuable and possesses untapped potential for learning.

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