Imagine a school where learners would know themselves, where they would be able to discover their own source of inner power, and reveal their potential for learning. They would attend to their well-being and demonstrate compassion for others, they would be courageous and empowered and satisfy their thirst for learning.

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No borders learning is committed to supporting schools in co-constructing these healthy learning ecosystems where learners thrive. Such learning environments are designed to nurture interconnectedness between all stakeholders taking part in the system (teachers, students, parents, administrators and Board members). They are intentionally inviting and ensure everyone's wellness and everyone’s inner drive for learning matter. 

Research has shown that when we fulfil human’s essential psychological needs for relatedness, competence and autonomy, we are intrinsically motivated, which in turn, increases both wellness and learning outcomes. 

However many systems continue to emphasize on forms of control and extrinsic motivation that can have detrimental effects on our learners.

We can design environments that we deliberately bridge this “knowing-doing” gap with collective awareness and courageous leadership.

There are many reasons why changing school ecosystems may seem hard. We might not know the purpose of making a change, we might fear failing, we might feel lack of support or we might just not know how to implement such ideas because we didn’t experience them ourselves as learners. 

We also know that teachers' sense of self-efficacy is essential to impact student learning. Therefore we propose workshops and courses where educators can learn what they need through an empowering process that supports their autonomy and models classroom practices.

Our offerings are personalized to the needs of participants so they exercise their agency and maximize and sustain their learning. 

Schools and other organizations that apply the principles of co-constructing healthy learning ecosystems trust their community, celebrate the learning process (including the mistakes and iterations that we expect along the way) and are aligned to their guiding statements. Their learners are able to interact with others meaningfully while directing their own learning and choosing the pathways that fulfil them.

Together, let’s invest in empowering ourselves and our learners by choosing to co-construct healthy learning ecosystems that attend to the heart, exercise the mind and engage the will power.

Fanny Passeport is a 21st century learner, leader and invitational educator who believes everyone is able, valuable and possesses untapped potential for learning.

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