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You have a dream and need help in realizing it? We provide personalized consulting & coaching for audacious individuals who want to transform education. For bold projects led by daring and fearless leaders who shoot for the stars!

Go Beyond

Consulting & Coaching

If you are looking for a coach/consultant to help you guide your thinking as you plan, reflect or resolve a problem, the coaching session packages below might be a good way to get started.

What Coaching isWhat Coaching is not
A safe space where you are heard and valued
Focused on the emerging future
Asking questions that elevate your strengths
Based on your choice
Uncovering ways to achieve your goal
Led by you

A judgmental space
Focused on the past
Asking questions that make you uncomfortable
Based on others deciding for you
Telling you what to do and how to achieve your goal
Led by the Coach

What are the benefits of coaching?

  • we model reflective practice and can better exercise our agency in ways that align with our values
  • we feel able, capable and this positive perception about our own self-efficacy positively impacts the context in which we operate
  • we develop self-directedness and can better self-manage, self-monitor and self-modify
  • we can transfer the coaching process onto other situations and feel more able to listen and inquire to support others
  • we shift from a place of reaction to a place of listening to ourselves and others with empathy and responding to needs

When might you seek coaching or consulting?

  • You are a reflective practitioner but feel isolated –> e.g. you need the bounce ideas and have a non-judgmental thinking partner to elevate your strengths and help you solve challenges you face.
  • You are transitioning into a new role –> e.g. from teaching to leading teams
  • You are transitioning to a new curriculum or want to refine your instructional skills –> e.g. support with unit planning & reflecting, feedback on teaching/assessment.
  • You are looking for educational career advice –> e.g. you need to creatively present yourself and/or your family and need to redesign CV, craft an educational philosophy, write cover letters and prepare for interviews at various stages. We also provide portfolio, video and website creation for creative presentation so you can stand out as a candidate.


Building Self-Awareness

I had the opportunity to have a coaching session with Fanny. Prior to it, I was apprehensive about what it might include since it was new to me, all of that vanished as we began to converse. Our exchange allowed me to see the bigger picture and helped me in making decisions in my career and life. Thanks to Fanny, I was able to build a personal awareness of what I want, reflect on my goals and set a plan to achieve them.

Anne Farage Bechara

Teacher in an international school in India

A Time-Effective Solution

Coaching saved me countless hours of work and decreased my stress. Each time, within less than an hour, I could regain efficacy and know exactly how to proceed to meet my goal. Coaching was ideal for me because I knew my goals but didn’t know how to get there.  The sessions supported me in ordering my thoughts. The atmosphere was safe, I felt trusted and valued. As my coach was paraphrasing me, I felt heard and supported. Fanny was able to ask me questions that helped me extract my own ideas, let solutions emerge, and beyond, understand my core values better and rely on them more to lead myself. There was no hidden agenda, I could be on the driver’s seat and move forward in my own terms. I felt connected with my coach as she really showed concerns and warmth and crafted the conversations with great care.

Isabel Martin

MYP Coordinator and Teacher in an international school in Singapore

Vision Retreats

A Vision Retreat allows your startup or established organization to articulate or review guiding statements (vision, mission, core values, definition of quality learning, definition of global citizenship or international-mindedness). A Vision Retreat is a two-day event, customized to the context of your group. The different experiences engage your community to raise self- and collective awareness, and to affirm your organization’s aspirations and emerging identity.

Plan your Vision Retreat

Vision Retreats allow you to take a mindful and intentional pause to reflect into the future


Founding Director of a Start-up Kindergarten in Germany

A Grounding Process

This all started with a dream to start a Kindergarten in Germany. It seemed like a distant dream. I had this precious idea within me and wasn’t sure it would move forward but with the Vision Retreat, I could not only share my vision but also articulate precisely what I aspired to build, making my dream possible.

The process was grounding and empowering. I was very comfortable sharing my ideas, and became increasingly confident with what emerged. Fanny helped me and my team prepare the ideal soil for our seed to be planted and now it’s our responsibility to grow it. We needed a sense of direction as things were initially all over the place, but as we went through the process, it became clearer, and awakened things we wouldn’t have seen or felt without this rigorous guidance. Fanny crafted the right questions and experiences for us to uncover what we envisioned, supported us in exploring blind spots and shed light on what truly mattered to us. She was agile in guiding us as she adjusted and personalized the sessions to our needs. She prepared exactly what we needed for us to be truly in charge of our dream and make it happen. The process was safe and made us feel confident to move forward on our own. We are now growing our projects and feel confident about its future as we have built solid foundations.

(Re-)Accreditation / (Re-)Authorization preparation

We support schools in reflecting into planning to successfully prepare for (re-)authorization (such as IB) and (re-)accreditation (such as CIS, NEASC or WASC).

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