No Borders Learning is the Education Innovation Catalyst, instigating a journey from within to beyond, enabling users to direct and drive their own learning and growth; at the same time developing the capability to build healthy ecosystems for the collective well-being of all stakeholders, towards sustainable learning.

For the Shapers of today and tomorrow who seek to be courageous, and teach young learners with the intention for their learning to occur, in thriving educational environments.

We achieve this through an inclusive platform where everyone can belong, search, reflect and evolve; supported by carefully researched and proven practices that simplify the entire process by addressing three core areas: attend to the heart, exercise the mind, and engage the willpower.

Approach & Values

No Borders Learning is focused on celebrating the process of learning while attending to the basic psychological needs of relatedness, competence, and autonomy, based on the Self-Determination Theory (Deci and Ryan, 1985). We are committed to co-constructing the invitational conditions that nurture and honor each child’s inner gifts and provide opportunities for self-discovery. There are limitless possibilities to cause deep and sustainable learning. To make such quality learning accessible to all, we move away from control and embrace autonomy. In such ecosystems, every member is a learner, and adults model what it means to engage in lifelong learning. We stretch ourselves to maintain deep levels of self-awareness so we are able to align or realign ourselves to the best that we are capable of being. This involves a high sense of integrity and the courage to take risks to ensure we stay true to our values.

When learners are immersed in a culture of possibilities and optimism where they know they matter; they are competent and can direct their own learning, we begin to rethink the roles of schools and educators, moving away from “making learn” and towards “letting learn”. Educators in that world are learning coaches who combine the science and craft of learning to reveal each child’s internal treasure.

Through this inclusive approach, we embrace diversity and create a climate where everyone belongs, and where variability and differences are welcomed. We model this invitational environment and learning culture through the core values of  Compassion, Courage, and Empowerment.

  • Compassion – Listening from the heart with the genuine desire to make a difference in our learning and/or in the learning of others.
  • Courage – Taking risks by daring greatly, opening ourselves to possibilities, and being ready to be vulnerable, to fail, and bounce back.
  • Empowerment – Cultivating our sense of control, the feeling that ‘we can’ and have an unstoppable determination to learn & grow.


Fanny Passeport, Founder of No Borders Learning.

I push the boundaries of conventional schooling and support learning systems in seeing themselves (blind spots included) and committing to co-creating healthy learning ecosystems that attend to the heart, mind and willpower of all system agents.

Fanny Passeport believes that in order to foster the True Spirit of Innovation in Education, we need to pause and intentionally examine ourselves for most answers are within before they make sense beyond. Knowing ourselves and our internal frame of reference is essential to sensing, welcoming perspectives, and guiding meaningful action.

Through the personal experience of being in an environment of the ’taught’ to finding opportunities of autonomy in learning fostered by strong relationships with teachers, Fanny Passeport is now bound on a lifelong mission to support other students to experience the conditions to empower themselves and take control of their learning as early on as possible. She supports schools in creating healthy learning ecosystems where all learners can thrive individually and as a community.

Her multidisciplinary background (international organizations’ development, ethnoecology, and French as a foreign language) led Fanny Passeport to understand the richness of connecting parts with the big picture to gain perspective.

She has 11 years of experience in education with 10 years in international schools as a Director of Teaching & Learning, Technology Integrator, and French Foreign Language Teacher. She is also a Council of International School evaluator and has taught the three International Baccalaureate programs: PYP, MYP, and DP.

Fanny has co-authored the book Stretch Yourself! A Personalized Journey to Deepen Your Teaching Practice, and received the ISTE Young Outstanding Educator and Emerging Leader Awards.

She presents at international conferences and consults online and on-site on various topics: empowerment, motivation, self-directed learning, curriculum & instruction, foreign language teaching (using the Silent Way approach) and technology in education. She works with school leaders, educators, students and parents and conducts her workshops and courses in English or French.

A System Thinker and Inspiring Educator

Fanny is an amazing educator whether working with kids or adults. She has a unique ability to have both the big-picture perspective on what you need to know and why, as well as the depth of knowledge to answer the small detail questions. Whether you want to be inspired by what it means to be an innovative educator or if you need to map your curriculum into G Suite, you couldn’t do better than Fanny. 

Simon Helton

Director of Membership and Community Engagement at ISTE

Passionate and creative workshop leader

Fanny’s strength during the workshop was her ability to reflect after each session and adapt the content to her audience in order to meet their needs. She is passionate about learning, creative in her approach and committed to make others successful. 

Francois Bourcier

Teacher and Head of Department in an international school in Hong Kong

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