Books on failing forward for primary students


I just saw a Grade 4 student cry today.

He would not say why and wiped his tears quickly.

I asked a friend of his who told me that he had come last in the run and that’s why he was upset.

I felt empathetic. I imagined how it feels when you don’t get what you want and maybe when you don’t have self-compassion. I wondered how I might take my feeling of empathy and transform it into compassion. When we are compassionate, we do something about how we feel for others, we TAKE ACTION.

I asked a teacher for support and this is how she responded: we can use books to remind students that failing is ok, failing is part of learning. We can remind them that success takes many failures.

She then sent me those wonderful resources from our library, they are worth it!


To end this post I would say:

1- It’s important to notice the little things our students feel and be compassionate

2- Collaborating with teachers is essential. Collaboration holds hidden gems.

3- Reading to the children is a wonderful way to teach…



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