We share some snapshots of our previous projects in this portfolio, for you to get a sense of the concrete processes and outcomes to support PK-12 schools, educators, and families.

Vision Retreat Case

December 2020 – A group of educators engaged in a vision retreat process with us as they anticipated their business plan to open a Kindergarten. The deliverables of this project were to co-create guiding statements that included: a vision, a mission, core values, a definition of high-quality learning. We engaged in various exercises to suspend fears and assumptions, examine blindspots, and let emerge the new opportunities.

Facilitated Online Course

November 2020 – Participants of a facilitated online course joined us from a wide range of locations: Kenya, Croatia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, India, China, USA. They worked asynchronously by following the material online (with videos and resources) and synchronously by joining our weekly interactive calls. They were able to take a mindful pause, assess their needs in regards to supporting students’ sense of belonging, competence, and autonomy. Every week, we discussed our findings and goals and finally present a culminating artifact to share their main learnings and support their next steps.

Quality Motivation Webinars

Fanny conducts webinars and online sessions that touch upon the importance of creating the optimal conditions for students to draw from their autonomous/intrinsic motivation and thirve.

Collaborative Webinar

October 2020 – In “STEAM from the Heart”, Chibitronics, Makey-Makey, and No Borders Learning share ways to integrate social and emotional learning into making and tinkering.

Pannel Conversation

March 2021, Fanny shared global insights with other educators about the learnings emerging from the Covid-19 crisis. The conversation includes practical strategies and critical questions to explore as we continue to experience disruptive times.

Speaking Engagements

June 2020, this keynote about empowering learners using the tenants of the self-determination theory allowed participants to learn by watching a pre-recorded keynote and engage in a live discussion about…

This is a keynote during the ISTE conference in 2017. This address was aimed at inspiring conference attendees about the power of moonshot thinking.

Silent Way Workshop

September 2015, this workshop on the Silent Way approach to teaching French as a Foreign Language took place at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong with teachers from various schools in Hong Kong.