Fanny is an outstanding young educator, mature and committed.   She is a risk taker, not afraid to disrupt people in their comfort zone, ask questions or offer opportunities to help them grow. Whether directing EdTech/Coaching sessions, running a webinar, making tutorial videos or teaching French the Silent Way, she is enthusiastic, well prepared, organised, trustworthy and inspirational. Beyond implementing ideas for learning with technology Fanny is a mediator of thinking, she believes each educator and learner can self-direct his/her own learning. Under her leadership, new windows open up for professional development, I personally saw new beginnings and became an EdTech mentor and a member of the school Coaching Team.

You are looking at someone with an amazing set of skills, a holonomous educator who acts both independently and interdependently, she is aware of herself as well as of the impact she can make on the whole.

Teresa Rodríguez-B.