Mindmap on PYP assessment

Through this exercise of creating a min map of what PYP assessments look like, I changed from being assumptions-driven to actually basing my work on the framework of the PYP and showcasing the important elements that shape how PYP assessments are thought, delivered and reflected upon. I learnt that it was more complex and more organized … Continue reading Mindmap on PYP assessment

PYP – a constructivist appraoch

As the whole-school EdTech coach, I was particularly interested in the section about “ICT” (though I anticipate the name will change after the review). A constructivist classroom embraces 21st century learning which refuses to deny the world around us (the technology era) and focuses on the computational thinking skills and the 4 Cs (Creativity, Collaboration, Communication … Continue reading PYP – a constructivist appraoch