Learning is a creative process that comes OUT of all of us.

I have been teaching using the Caleb Gattegno’s “Subordination of Teaching to Learning” (SubTLe) approach for many years (specifically in the context of teaching French as a Foreign Language and French for natives). This approach is ‘post-‘constructivist and can be integrated in every learning context.

I customize workshops and online courses for adults to understand and implement this approach. I also help families in embracing those principles in order to partner with their children in growing their learning muscle in different contexts:

  • when children are unschooled or homeschooled and families are looking to provide empowering learning experiences
  • when children are schooled but need support to drive their own learning

I attempted to capture some of the essential concepts of this approach here.

Students explore themselves and feel themselves learning. They are in charge, they are aware and present to the learning situation. They are empowered learners who experiment, take risks and use errors as opportunities to learn.
Learning should not be taken away from anyone but released. The silence of the teacher allows more student voice. SubTLe teachers intentionally observe, provide feedback and ‘post-pare’ to ‘let learning happen’.
Before connecting with learners, the SubTLe teacher connects with ‘people’. They value each individual and believe everyone deserves to be cared for and elevated.
SubTLe teachers consider learners equal partners in learning. They welcome and expect their inputs to cultivate authentic and personalized learning.
Beyond learning within the boundaries of the grade level, age group or subjects, we aim at developing lifelong learners who believe in themselves, who are unstoppable and empowered.
SubTLe teachers foster a safe social and emotional environment to create the conditions for exploration and find learning moments the “miss takes” occurring through experimenting.