Family Ecosystems

Family Ecosystems

When parents and caregivers understand key aspects of child development (including brain development) and partner with their child/ren by using certain tools and approaches intentionally, they achieve a more peaceful atmosphere and every family member feels empowered and thrive at home and beyond.

What are family ecosystems?

As No Borders Learning, we believe in conscious and positive parenting that empower children to thrive at home and beyond.

When we put emphasis on developing autonomy, we resist the urge to react by controlling children and create the optimal conditions for them to develop self-regulation, a long-term skill.

Family ecosystems is a solution for families in needs of support. The training allow each family member to develop new habits to interact, deal with misbehaviors and create space for quality family time.

Depending on the age and profile of the children, there are various tools that may be used to solve some of the most frequent problems and become a stronger and more peaceful family.

How is it related to Healthy Learning Ecosystems?

  • Attend to the heart – We ensure that parents and caregivers are always prioritizing their connection with their child/ren before anything. We support families developing strong bonds with one another, expressing their feelings and needs in ways that can be understood, validated, and finding ways to elevate each others’ strengths and the feeling of interconnectedness.
  • Exercise the mind – We encourage family to learn together so that the act of collaboration allows for greater trust and shared experience and so that parents who are not educators, can better understand the perspective of teachers and further support their child/ren in their learning within and beyond school.
  • Engage the will power – We help parents and caregivers to create the conditions under which their child/ren can feel more control over their life, make more decisions and invest their time/energy in things that they are passionate about.

Interested in diving in Family Ecosystems?

We customize workshops and online courses for families to put into practice the tools and principles of Family Ecosystems.

Some of the questions we can answer together:

  • How might we develop stronger bonds with our child/ren?
  • How might my child/ren manage their time better (on screen or other)?
  • How might I connect with my teenager child/ren?
  • How might my child/ren help more at home?
  • How might we solve the misbehaviors of our young child/ren?
  • How might we can become a more peaceful family?
  • How might we communicate better, especially during times of crisis?

Connect with us to find out more about how we might co-construct family ecosystems in your home.