Digital Learning Ecosystems

Digital Learning Ecosystems

Technology needs to be integrated meaningfully in the 21st Century learning environment, keeping in mind the importance of child safeguarding, data protection, and access. When designing the use of technology in alignment with our guiding statements, we can create the optimal conditions for our learners to thrive.

What is Digital Learning?

Digital learning is about unleashing the potential of curated digital tools to accelerate learning, create opportunities for enhanced collaboration & communication and enrich our students’ experience and creativity. When technology is adequately integrated, it empowers students and provides them with limitless opportunities to exercise their autonomy and fulfills their goals and aspiration. Intentional digital learning experiences embrace the development of transdisciplinary skills such as: Collaboration, Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication, Citizenship and Character.

When the learning remains at the center (rather than the tech), we resist the temptation “edutaining” students and celebrate a constructivist learning process. Digital learning must be designed for all students, addressing the why, the what and the how of learning in flexible ways .

Embedding Digital Citizenship

As we use technology for learning, we have the opportunity to embed digital citizenship so our learners exercise their rights and responsibilities that come when using technology in different contexts.

The deliberate development of a digital citizenship scope and sequence and the choice of technology platforms and tools create opportunities for learners to be explore technology in authentic ways. They can create content and publish for a real audience, and experience global citizenship when connecting with others beyond school.

How is it related to Healthy Learning Ecosystems?

  • Attend to the heart – We ensure that technology is a vehicle that allows learners to express themselves, communicate respectfully, acknowledge the strengths that everyone brings to the table and feel connected and valued.
  • Exercise the mind – We use technology to scaffold learning and serve all students. We encourage collaboration within and beyond the physical classroom to enrich our experiences and connect with the real world. We engage in personalized learning experiences that reveal students’ I CAN Power and that allows them to practice their skills and dive deeper into their learning.
  • Engage the will power – We create the conditions under which students make many decisions about their learning, connect to their interests, goals and aspirations and take ownership of their learning journey.

Interested in implementing Digital Learning Ecosystems?

We customize workshops and online courses for adults to understand and implement digital learning ecosystems.

Some of the questions we can answer together:

  • How might we design authentic experiences that integrate technology to maximize active and deep learning?
  • How might we seek digital opportunities that support student empowerment and global citizenship? 
  • How might we accelerate our learning through the intentional use of technology?
  • How might we strengthen access to learning for all students using technology?
  • How might we inspire students to contribute responsibly in the digital world?
  • How might we develop a culture of curiosity and critical examination of digital content?
  • How might we model and promote data protection and online privacy?
  • How might we use technology to personalize learning and foster autonomy for all students?
  • How might we nurture creativity to communicate ideas, knowledge and demonstrate conceptual understanding?

Connect with us to find out more about how we might co-construct digital learning ecosystems in your school.