Would you like to go beyond?

You have a dream and need help in realizing it? We provide personalized consulting & coaching for audacious individuals who want to transform education. For bold projects led by daring and fearless leaders who shoot for the stars!

Going beyond with Moonshot thinking

Moonshot thinking celebrates the concept of “positive” hardship, choice and radical change. It embraces the idea of pushing ourselves and iterating (learning by mistakes, making prototypes and constantly improving), it’s innovaction!

This approach is used by Google to develop projects such as the self-driving car. It’s about creating something which initially seems impossible but becomes a reality. It’s all about looking at a world of possibilities and applying an intentional design process to make relevant changes.

Moonshot thinking is the way we can shift mindsets and actionsets to solve problems using radical solutions. 

We are often afraid to make big changes but it’s not about being “safe” and improving by 10%, it’s about wanting to do 10 times better, pushing ourselves towards something that is wild and crazy, something that can be scary, something that is hard but that we choose to do because of the challenge and ultimate satisfaction of pushing the limits of our self-beliefs. We must remember that everything is hard before it’s easy! We need to have the guts to do it anyway!


Moonshot Ignite Talk

Consulting & Coaching

If you are looking for a coach/consultant to help you guide your thinking as you plan, reflect or resolve a problem, the coaching session packages below might be a good way to get started.

Vision Retreats

Vision retreats allow your startup or established organization to articulate or review guiding statements (vision, mission, core values, definition of quality learning, definition of global citizenship or international-mindedness).

The process takes place over two days and engage your community and or a focus group in several experiences that raise self and collective awareness and reveal the organization’s aspirations and emerging identity.

Vision Retreats allow you to take a mindful and intentional pause to reflect into the future.