Testimonies from Silent Way learners

This page gathers some of my students’ testimonies a few years after they were taught French the Silent Way in my class. It’s powerful to hear from them to understand what they remember from learning in my classroom and how it impacted them.

Ms. Fanny was an amazing teacher. Being someone who spoke French fluently when I was younger, most French classes I took didn’t help me much, since I already knew what I was learning. Ms. Fanny had creative approaches to help us learn in a way that was not only effective, but also fun. She also taught me ways of remembering previous grammar I had learned, which helped me tremendously. I truly miss having Ms. Fanny teach me, because she taught us so much, along with being incredibly nice.


The experiences that I had in your classroom were amazing. They have helped me phenomenally throughout the rest of my French classes. Thanks to you I liked the subject from the first few classes even if it didn’t seem like that at times 😊.  In your classroom I felt like the connection between the teacher and the student was different than I had ever had before. In most of my other classes the teachers and the students didn’t have a strong relationship making it harder for the teacher to pass on the passion they had for that subject. In your class we had a good connection. Your passion for the subject made us have passion for it. The activities and the games we played to help us learn made the class one to look forward to. Even though French was by far my strong suit, you still managed to get me to keep going when it got especially hard and when I lost any hope I had to start off with. I feel that being in your class made an impact on me that would stay with me for the rest of my French learning.
I can understand almost everything in French ignoring some troubles that I have here and there when people talk exceptionally fast. My grades have been going up this last year but even though I’m dropping, I hope you know that you left an imprint on me that going to stay with me for the rest of my life. Really, all I have to say is: thank you.
If there is one thing I learnt from this class is that even learning a new language can be fun provided you have the right tools and the right teacher to help you. Ms. Fanny has somehow managed to incorporate both creativity and fun into her teaching style and it is that characteristic is what I believe made her stand out from my other teachers. This class was very different than my other classes because it was highly visual. Visual learning not only helped me learn a lot at a quick rate but also did help me retain whatever I learnt. Another aspect that was different in this class was the teaching methods were more digital and the use of internet tools made the class a lot more interesting. I can strongly say that it is because of these unique techniques I am now able to remember almost everything I learnt in this class. Merci beaucoup.