Personalized Learning

This section is all about Personalized Learning.

I wanted to start by sharing a mind-map of connected keywords and concepts that I think are really important with regards to Personalized Learning:


And this ThingLink summarises the main, relevant resources that I have curated around Personalized Learning:


In the different sections, we will explore how to put Personalized Learning into practice through Competency-Based Education. We will think about redesigning our learning environment, how we might set goals with our learners and how we might track them, how might our students advance by demonstrating proficiency in their competencies and therefore how we might rethink assessments.

We will develop a repertoire of learning and teaching strategies that relate to self-directedness and inquiry.

We will find out how we might record evidence and provide non-judgemental feedback.

We will review some of the systems used currently to track data and how we might be aware of some of their limitations.