No Borders Learning is founded on the importance of lifelong learning and continuous growth; challenging the limits of self-belief and educational systems and fostering true innovation. 

We are committed to support Shapers of today and tomorrow recognize and experience the power of directing their own learning with cognizance of the ‘Big Picture’. By taking a whole-change approach to instigate a journey from ‘within’ where awareness is revealed through an alignment with purpose; to ‘beyond’ into co-construction of healthy learning ecosystems where meaningful interactions and conversations take place, we seek to ensure collective well-being and sustained learning. Our ultimate goal is to support thriving, learning-oriented communities.

Research has shown that by fulfilling essential psychological needs for relatedness, competence and autonomy, we are intrinsically motivated, which in turn, increases both wellness and learning outcomes. However many systems continue to emphasize on forms of control that can have detrimental effects on our learners and on the system as a whole.

No Borders Learning designs learning ecosystems that intentionally and rigorously bridge the “knowing-doing” gap by delving inward and expanding outward to intentionally and consciously create  the conditions for self-determination. Our professional development offerings (workshops, online courses and consulting) follow an effective process that attends to the heart, exercises the mind and engages the will power, to provide educators with a stronger sense of efficacy, a renewed confidence to activate students’ autonomous motivation, supported by model classroom practices. 

Our offerings are tailored to the needs of participants so they may overcome obstacles to bring positive change, maximize their impact and sustain a deep learning process.

Core Values


Listening from the heart with the genuine desire to make a difference in our learning and/or in the learning of others.


Taking risks by daring greatly, opening ourselves to possibilities and being ready to be vulnerable, to fail and bounce back.


Cultivating our sense of control, the feeling that ‘we can’ and have an unstoppable determination to learn & grow.