Book published by ISTE in 2019



Find your first followers! Create a Tech Mentor Team

Family Mornings: Getting parents on board with your vision

Orientation Week: Get the school year started with meaning

Students Bootcamp: A time to set expectations for digital citizenship

Student-led Tech Assemblies: Give your students a voice

Digital citizenship sessions with parents using Hangouts on Air

Curriculum Mapping with G Suite (Jan 2017)

How to we get our teenage students to develop a positive digital footprint? (February 2017)

10 March 2017 Maker Mornings move parents from observers to co-learners

‘The Silent Way’ to Language Acquisition

Developing “Glocal” Mindsets in the Primary Years

Refresh with the ISTE Standards for Students (Jan 2017)

3 Ways to Empower Teachers and Transform Classrooms (June 2016)

Contributions in French

Mes débuts d’enseignante Silent Way

‘The Silent Way’ to Language Acquisition

Silent Way: Subordonner l’enseignement à l’apprentissage

La traversée des sons aux lettres avec Savoir-Lire au Quotidien


Offrande maternelle et fillette impertinente, Temple de Mangleshwar, Mana, Village du Haut des Rongpa

La Photo: Toilette à 7 mois de Vishal Ganesh

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