When we direct our own learning, we are aware and intentional about where we are and where we want to be. We aren’t equal when it comes to opportunities for professional development. Sometimes we aren’t supported and can’t access what we need or aspire to learn about. We know these obstacles aren’t easy to overcome so we created different ways for individuals who are committed to learn and grow, to access professional development by proposing pre-recorded webinars, self-paced and facilitated courses.

The pre-recorded webinars and self-paced courses are short, affordable and can be taken anytime. Participants can access them for a year so they can proceed at their own pace and also revisit the content.

The facilitated online and book study courses are designed for small groups to go deeper. These can be organized for a school/organization or can be open to anyone.

Self-Directed Online Learning: Our Formats & Processes

Pre-recorded Webinars

It’s hard to navigate the overload of information online. Our pre-recorded webinars are concise, research-references and ideal to instantly dive into a new topic. They focus on the ‘what‘. They are also a great way to satisfy curiosity in preparation to a workshop or facilitated online course. The webinars are captioned and supported by high-quality visuals.

Self-Paced Courses

The self-paced courses are designed to share practical strategies, approaches and tools that you can start using immediately. They focus on the ‘how‘.

Facilitated Courses

All our facilitated online courses have maximum potential for transformation because they start with ‘why‘ and carefully define concepts, topics as well as practical strategies to implement big ideas. They follow a specific learning design that allows participants to think deeply about themselves as learners and how the presented content relate to their specific context. Our learning process is divided into 4 phases:

Phase 1 – Sense

Participants start by inquiring into the main concepts presented in a given course by reflecting about their experience and the experience of students. This acts as an invitation to learning, allowing participants to reconnect with themselves as learners able to exercise compassion for themselves and others.

Phase 2 – Uncover & Reflect

Participants explore content (videos and additional material) and reflect through mindful routines (such as journaling). This allows them to access their internal locus of control, elevate their self-awareness and reveal a sense of self-efficacy.

Phase 3 – Experiment & Connect

Participants have tools to practice what they have learned (based on needs, wants and aspirations), and work on an artefact to summarize their learnings / un-learnings / re-learnings. This allows participants to personalize their own learning (within a given structure) and share evidence of their understandings. 

Phase 4 – Inquire & Share

Participants can share questions and ideas and connect with others. This allows them make learning social, and feel empowered by being contributors and co-creators or learning.

Facilitated Book Studies

We currently offer one facilitated book study course based on Caitlin McLemore & Fanny Passeport’s book: Stretch Yourself: A Personalized Journey to Deepen you Teaching Practice.


A Progressive and Holistic Approach

When I joined the Learning Ecosystems course, I wished more educators from my context took the course. When I completed this course, I wished ALL educators in the world took this course! First attending to the heart, then exercising the mind and finally engaging the will power, this course mirrors progressive co-constructing of a healthy learning ecosystem in such a rewarding way that any educator would enjoy and benefit from. It’s a true gem!

Sanja Kišiček

Postdoc in Information & Communication Sciences, Croatia

An Eye-Opening Experience

The Learning Ecosystems facilitated course was quite an eye-opener to me, it brought to the forefront the issues I took for granted. I have become more confident at protecting the rights of learners and also at growing new and fresh ideas that will change the education landscape in Kenya and in Africa.<...

Robert Omwa

Teacher in a Secondary School in Kenya

Empowering Experience

Fanny delivered the course with a lot of love in order to collaborate in building a healthy learning ecosystem with great strategies. I enjoyed meeting new colleagues from different countries and cultures. This course attended to my heart as a teacher and supported me in discovering ways I could attend to the heart of my students and help them exer…

Maha J Ghandour

Chemistry Instructor and STEAM learning Trainer in Lebanon