Co-Constructing Healthy Learning Ecosystems

Schools face problems that cannot be solved with ‘more time’ or isolated tweaks. Change is often seen as adding one more thing onto our plate. We can adjust the system in the short term but in order to transform schools, we need to dare to shift our mindset & action set.

What if we slowed down and decluttered? What if we let go of the practices that no longer serve our community and let our values drive our practices?

We will take a mindful pause, co-sense and intentionally rely on our strengths to design a healthy & sustainable learning environment.

In this session, I will propose an effective and flexible model for co-constructing and sustaining healthy learning ecosystems that can be adjusted to the needs of particular schools.

  • This is a multi-stakeholder workshop, with the possibility for students, parents and administrators to engage alongside teachers. We will explore three essential aspects of learning ecosystems:
  1. Attending to the heart – connected to our need to belong & connect to self and others.
  2. Exercising the mind – connected to our need to believe we can achieve / we are capable.
  3. Engaging the willpower – connected to our need to feel a full sense of volition, endorsement and choice.
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Mar 11 - 13 2021

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