ISTE Standards for Students

I made this Sketch to show the ISTE Standards for Students (refreshed ones from 2016). I believe that the most important use those Standards is to have a positive and creative edtech vision that is focused on students’ agency: voice & choice (that’s why I put this in the roots of this tree), then I am convinced that the main pillar of the standards is digital citizenship because you need to raise responsible and safe citizens to be able to successfully implement the other standards. I put student empowerment at the heart of the tree as it represents the goals of students in their learning journey, the fact that they don’t just engage but take ownership of their learning. The other standards are also very important and make the tree mature and grow fruits 🙂

The following visual is a ThingLink so you can click on the dots and find out more information on how those standards can be articulated and put into practice. Please refresh if you don’t see the dots immediately, sometimes it’s a little bit temperamental 🙂

I also like to share the following padlet that the participants of my workshops on this topic, answered at the 21st Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong (March 2017):

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