EdTech Mentors Team

We created an innovation team comprising of (Ed)Tech Mentors who are teachers, students and administrators. All of them collaborate to push and implement our school’s EdTech vision through mentoring their peers.

This is the  updated programme documentation for the curious.

We are currently offering a professional development course for all edtech mentors (teachers) for one session per month in order to grow from mentoring to coaching. This is the program of the training:

In the future, we would like to have an Innovation Retreat by going on a weekend out of campus to self-organize a training based on our needs and wishes through Design Thinking.

EdTech Mentors’ Testimonials

To become an EdTech mentor has given me a new focus and a practical way to contribute to the school community. Despite the limitations faced by part-time teaching in regard to time and interaction with colleagues, I feel empowered to share and learn more; to share some of the experience acquired through online, and face to face teaching, as well as being eager to learn, unlearn, give it a try, modify, transform.

I feel I have more potential to grow. I am also inspired to consider a shift in my career, maybe becoming an instructional coach, who knows. Becoming a Mentor has opened the windows of possibilities.

I love  training and working in multicultural environments, and that is also a highlight of being an EdTech Mentor.

Teresa Rodriguez, EdTech Mentor / Spanish Teacher

Sayli Tongaonkar, EdTech Mentor /Individuals & Societies Teacher