TOK | Indigenous Knowledge Systems (DP)

These are some of the resources I use for Theory of Knowledge, specifically for the topic of “Indigenous Knowledge System”.


The Slides that I use for my first 2 lessons, it focuses on ethnocentrism:

The Slides that I use for my 3rd lesson which is mostly about an article entitled “Indigenous Knowledge, Peoples and Sustainable Practice” written by ethno-ecologists: Marie Roue and Douglas Nakashima available here.


Interviewing members of Indian (from India) “Tribes”:

This is a resource I created using images from the Australian Museum website. I also focuses on our assumptions when we first see an objects and how our perspective can be biased:

Afterward, I also created a similar activity but with Indian (form India) Artifacts (as I teach in India). Here I am also sharing the students’ responses so you can see what were the assumptions and reflections and better get a feel of the activity: