German Language Acquisition (MYP)


Olga Isaak | LA German MYP

Olga Isaak teaches Language Acquisition German (MYP) at an IB school in Gurgaon, India. She was born in Russia, grew up in Germany and at present lives and works in India. She has experienced three different countries and cultures which are part of her identity and gives her empathy for people’s perspectives from other cultures. In Germany, she completed her Masters in Social Pedagogy which aims to achieve holistic education, well-being, to enable children, young people as well as adults to empower themselves and be self-responsible persons who take responsibilities for their society. In India, she completed a German teacher training and taught at the University of Mumbai and Max Mueller Bhavan – Goethe Institute. She enjoys teaching German and is committed to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, engaging and encouraging to students. She supports the IB philosophy and as a MYP German teacher, she wants to instill a passion for lifelong learning into her students.

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