French Language Acquisition (PYP/MYP)

Here are some resources pertaining to the IB Programmes in French Language Acquisition from PYP to DP.

This document is a grammar progression from PYP to DP, per phase:

You can view some of the assessments I have prepared and are free to make a copy of but please remember that assessments should be designed according to your students’ needs.
MYP Overviews – My overviews for French MYP and DP (2014-15) I am in the process of creating a new overview for MYP1 (Grade 6) Phase 1-2 (it’s work in progress):

Unit Planners

Unit planners for PYP2-3-4-5

Unit planners for MYP1

Unit planners for MYP2-3

Unit planners for MYP4-5

MYP Assessments

MYP Assessment Tasks