French Language Acquisition (PYP/MYP/DP)

Here are some resources pertaining to the IB Programmes in French Language Acquisition from PYP to DP.

This document is a grammar progression from PYP to DP, per phase:

You can view some of the assessments I have prepared and are free to make a copy of but please remember that assessments should be designed according to your students’ needs.
MYP Overviews – My overviews for French MYP and DP (2014-15) I am in the process of creating a new overview for MYP1 (Grade 6) Phase 1-2 (it’s work in progress):

Unit Planners

Unit planners for MYP1

Unit planners for MYP2-3

Unit planners for MYP4-5

MYP Assessments

MYP Assessment Tasks

MYP Assessment Templates (this is going to make your life easier!)

DP Resources

Preparing students with past papers does not allow a lot of creativity in the classroom but the internal assessment preparation with the interactive and individual orals is much more innovative for both the teacher and the students.
I truly enjoy using visual prompts which are thought provoking and enable to go beyond describing but also thinking critically and making connections to the Theory of Knowledge subject.
Some of the images I use can be found in this folder. WARNING: for the individual oral, only “realistic” photos can be used.

DP Visual prompts