Call for action to all school leaders

Have you heard of the Mastery Transcript Consortium? If you are an educator, a parent or a student, you need to check it out! If you are a school leaders, you need to act. Join MTC now or risk to be running a school that is obsolete in the next few months. We are in … Continue reading Call for action to all school leaders

Learning a language without an acoustic model

I used the charts developed by Laurence Howells from to provide a demo of the Silent Way to teachers attending the CEESA Assessment Summit in Oct 2019 at the Anglo-American School of Sofia in Bulgaria.The session sparked interest and curiosity by elevating students' creative and natural self-discovery capacities. We reflected on the pedagogical aspects … Continue reading Learning a language without an acoustic model

Debunking the learning styles myth

It’s not a scoop but learning styles don’t exist! “Decades of research suggest that learning styles, or the belief that people learn better when they receive instruction in their dominant way of learning, may be one of the most pervasive myths about cognition” (Nancekivell et al., 2019). According to their study, 90% people believe learning … Continue reading Debunking the learning styles myth

Tear Down the Behaviour Chart!

If you haven't read Lee Ann Jung and Dominique Smith's article on Tearing Down the Behaviour Charts yet, here is a visual and interactive summary that you might find appealing. Spread the word, this is so important to stop PUNITIVE practices and move to RESTORATIVE ones.

Summary of Hattie’s Recent Post

Fellow educators on Distance Learning might have read Hattie's post on what matters and what doesn't while teaching online. I have made visual summaries. Feel free to make a copy and distribute. Summary for parents and educators Teacher Version Parent Version Video for parents: Thank you!

Data Wise Online Course

I am getting started with an online course: Introduction to Data Wise - a collaborative process to improve learning teaching. As I got started, the Most Important Point that was highlighted was that educators and administrators using the Data Wise approach in schools keep conversations strictly around learning evidence I will share some of my notes … Continue reading Data Wise Online Course

French Meditation to start the class

I created this video for my French learners. I use it as a routine to start the class so students can come in, relax, calm down and then feel ready to learn: Feel free to share away!

5 goals

I always find the PinkCasts awesome. I would to encourage you to watch this one: Pinkcast 2.17: Life advice from Warren Buffett I personally tried to do this exercise and it's really interesting! Here are my 25 goals and in bold, I have selected the 5 goals to focus on before moving to the others! … Continue reading 5 goals

Personal tribute to Glenys Hanson

About a week ago, Glenys discretely left our world. A painful news to receive... There are reasons to believe that Glenys knew her end was coming and therefore prepared for it, in her own way, which is by deciding to keep it to herself, not make it a big deal. That might have been a … Continue reading Personal tribute to Glenys Hanson