5 goals

I always find the PinkCasts awesome. I would to encourage you to watch this one: Pinkcast 2.17: Life advice from Warren Buffett I personally tried to do this exercise and it's really interesting! Here are my 25 goals and in bold, I have selected the 5 goals to focus on before moving to the others! … Continue reading 5 goals

Exploring cognitive coaching through ‘How wolves changed rivers’

You might have seen this video about 'how wolves changed rivers' after the reintroduction of a few wolfes in the Yellowstone National Park. This video is an outstanding resource to look at organizational change and empowerement. I have crafted some ways to explore it through the lens of Cognitive CoachingSM. (Find out miore about Cognitive CoachingSM … Continue reading Exploring cognitive coaching through ‘How wolves changed rivers’

Student-led PD?

I am thinking of havin a monthly theme (each month could be one of the ISTE Standards for students) in the staff room where students could lead to inspire teachers. For example, having them share their learning of a particular ISTE Standard at recess time, around the Staff room area. We could give different opportunities … Continue reading Student-led PD?