PYP Unit Planner – French Phase 1-2

I have created 3 PYP unit planners that you might be interested in looking at if you are a PYP Language Acquisition teacher: Unit planners for PYP2-3-4-5

PYP French – some teaching ideas

I would like to share some of the ideas that are popping in my mind about my French PYP classes: Exploring the phonology of the language by...: keeping a journal of awarenesses (in mother tongue and/or English) creating a concert of vowels (and perhaps make a song with my lovely looping machine) making a skit … Continue reading PYP French – some teaching ideas

PYP French assessments

How We Express Ourselves Central Idea: Language changes to express meaning and perspective. Lines of Inquiry: How sentences are constructed (function) How the meaning changes depending on the context (change) Ways of expressing points of view (perspective) Assessments: French - FP - PYP4-5 - Gradual summative assessment (Central Idea) French - FP - PYP4-5 - … Continue reading PYP French assessments