It took me some time to prepare my Ignite for ISTE 2017. This is the first time I will be speaking to such a big crowd and with such a pedicured speech, like a mini keynote. The format is 5 min: 15 sec per slides (slides auto-advance). I am very very very very scared but … Continue reading Ignite


Some people who inspire me…

Apart from the students and teachers in my school and of course my family and friend circle, I would like to share my top 5 "champions" when it comes to inspiring my work 🙂 Caleb Gattegno Dr Gattegno (1911–1988) was a precursor of students' voice and choice. He developed tools that facilitate visible and tangible … Continue reading Some people who inspire me…

My Moonshot journey with EdTech

I am so grateful about  Nicole Krueger's article about my innovation journey with edtech in my school. This is a beautiful article that really showcase the passion for learning, sharing, collaborating and it keeps me so motivated and proud of the shared effort that I have put along with my awesome team of EdTech Mentors, … Continue reading My Moonshot journey with EdTech

My work is my passion

I am a BIG fan of Daniel Pink and I eat, sleep and breath his concept of "Mastery, Autonomy and Purpose". Source: http://www.hugscafe.org/stepping-stones/answering-the-call/ I am passionate about Moonshot Thinking: I feel educators do not always feel they have a voice and choice because they are feeling overwhelmed with administrative tasks, procedures and meetings that do not … Continue reading My work is my passion