Student-led PD?

I am thinking of havin a monthly theme (each month could be one of the ISTE Standards for students) in the staff room where students could lead to inspire teachers. For example, having them share their learning of a particular ISTE Standard at recess time, around the Staff room area. We could give different opportunities … Continue reading Student-led PD?

Meaningful PD sessions

I have presented a lot of sessions during different summits, conferences and workshops. I think I improved my craft as I experienced and as I observed my audience (through the interactions and feedback). I think I understand now what a relevant and meaningful PD session looks like. Let me first reuse some of my “Cognitive … Continue reading Meaningful PD sessions


It took me some time to prepare my Ignite for ISTE 2017. This is the first time I will be speaking to such a big crowd and with such a pedicured speech, like a mini keynote. The format is 5 min: 15 sec per slides (slides auto-advance). I am very very very very scared but … Continue reading Ignite

Teachers’ Voices!

For the past few months, I have started to a video series called ” Pedagogical Perspectives” to capture best practices from the teachers at my school. This has been a fantastic experience so far, making teachers proud of their work and sharing beyond their classroom. Have a look at this playlist!

Maker Morning!

We had such a lovely time making with parents at my school. This video capture the atmosphere of this maker morning, an exciting experience to build a sense of community and promote creativity and collaboration!

Coffee with a Geek

I am grateful that Andrew Wheelock invited me to share my work. I am now looking forward to meet him at ISTE 2017! This is the youtube video of our interview:

Some people who inspire me…

Apart from the students and teachers in my school and of course my family and friend circle, I would like to share my top 5 “champions” when it comes to inspiring my work 🙂 Caleb Gattegno Dr Gattegno (1911–1988) was a precursor of students’ voice and choice. He developed tools that facilitate visible and tangible … Continue reading Some people who inspire me…