Authentic learning opportunities are everywhere!

Whether children are unschooled, homeschooled, on holidays, doing distance learning.... or not, they all have plenty of learning opportunities around them. What do you see? According to you, what learnings might occur just by engaging children in cooking? What might children UNDERSTAND (concepts) and be able to DO (skills)?

Books on failing forward for primary students

Failing... I just saw a Grade 4 student cry today. He would not say why and wiped his tears quickly. I asked a friend of his who told me that he had come last in the run and that's why he was upset. I felt empathetic. I imagined how it feels when you don't get … Continue reading Books on failing forward for primary students

LOTS & HOTS to work with Gifted and Talented

Have you taken into consideration Bloom’s taxonomy when designing a lesson plan? I am aware of the Bloom taxonomy, however I used the Marzano & Kendall taxonomy more, i particular the useful verbs of his their taxonomy that helps specify what kind of function or process our students are engaged in. It works well in an International Baccalaureate environment … Continue reading LOTS & HOTS to work with Gifted and Talented

Grounding activities

Grounding activities are warming up your participants and assuming they are ready to learn, come with a positive mindset and want to grow. I prefer this term to "ice-breaker" that assumes people need to break this ice, that the atmosphere is ice cold and perhaps the minds are close and rigid... Here are some very … Continue reading Grounding activities