Sources that influence self-efficacy

Self-efficacy is an individual’s belief in his/her/their own ability to attain a certain goal. Our beliefs about competence and confidence to achieve influence our achievement. So, what can influence the development of our self-efficacy? I made a visual summary of the four factors that we have control over to make our students grow their self-efficacy. … Continue reading Sources that influence self-efficacy

Books that promote Child Safeguarding, Global Citizenship, Inclusion, #BLM, LGBTQ+

I had created this list for an order in my previous school and I believe it can save other people’s time! The following books promote Child Safeguarding, Global Citizenship, inclusion, Black lives matter, LGBTQ+ All are welcome by Penfold, Alexandra (2018) Families by Rotner, Shelley (2015) The family book by Parr, Todd (2017) A family … Continue reading Books that promote Child Safeguarding, Global Citizenship, Inclusion, #BLM, LGBTQ+

Authentic learning opportunities are everywhere!

Whether children are unschooled, homeschooled, on holidays, doing distance learning…. or not, they all have plenty of learning opportunities around them. What do you see? According to you, what learnings might occur just by engaging children in cooking? What might children UNDERSTAND (concepts) and be able to DO (skills)?

My old Farewell

I just came across my farewell video from 3 years ago when I left my old school…

Grounding activities

Grounding activities are warming up your participants and assuming they are ready to learn, come with a positive mindset and want to grow. I prefer this term to “ice-breaker” that assumes people need to break this ice, that the atmosphere is ice cold and perhaps the minds are close and rigid… Here are some very … Continue reading Grounding activities