My experience with CBE

My experience in personalizing learning through the use of Competency Based Education (CBE) revolves around knowing my student’s learner profile (strengths, interests, aspirations, needs, IEP if any, and any relevant standardized test scores), being flexible with their learning pace (some learners are engaged in completely different tasks within the same class), and collecting learning evidence … Continue reading My experience with CBE


I have been quite impressed at how much we can get from the ‘discipline’ of journaling. Journaling allows us to dive deep into ourselves. We think about ourselves, our learning, we reflect and we become more aware of things we want to accomplish, things that are important to us and how we might get there. … Continue reading Journaling

Response to Intervention

What is RTI? Response to Intervention is a tiered process used to help all students succeed in the classroom. This video is very clear for an introduction: I have been quite interested in finding out a little more about how RTI works in schools. As I continue to inquire about this, I have found a … Continue reading Response to Intervention

What makes a great teacher?

Remember… when you were a student (or you attended a workshop). What do you remember most about your teacher/trainer? The terrible teacher… The great teacher… speaks all the time challenges students is boring is passionate does not listen to your comments listens to your questions criticises kind and respectful talks to the board is funny … Continue reading What makes a great teacher?

PYP French assessments

How We Express Ourselves Central Idea: Language changes to express meaning and perspective. Lines of Inquiry: How sentences are constructed (function) How the meaning changes depending on the context (change) Ways of expressing points of view (perspective) Assessments: French – FP – PYP4-5 – Gradual summative assessment (Central Idea) French – FP – PYP4-5 – … Continue reading PYP French assessments