Student-led PD?

I am thinking of havin a monthly theme (each month could be one of the ISTE Standards for students) in the staff room where students could lead to inspire teachers. For example, having them share their learning of a particular ISTE Standard at recess time, around the Staff room area. We could give different opportunities … Continue reading Student-led PD?


It took me some time to prepare my Ignite for ISTE 2017. This is the first time I will be speaking to such a big crowd and with such a pedicured speech, like a mini keynote. The format is 5 min: 15 sec per slides (slides auto-advance). I am very very very very scared but … Continue reading Ignite

Copyright, Creative Commons and Public domain… Navigating grey areas

Today I interviewed Cris Turple, a global collaborator of mine who is teaching MYP English language and literature at the Canadian International School in Singapore. What we covered: – The practical implications about copyrights, digital credits and creative commons. Why is this topic important? 2- A glance at the differences between Public Domain, Copyrights and … Continue reading Copyright, Creative Commons and Public domain… Navigating grey areas

Make your students adopt the new ISTE standards!

This is an article that I wrote a few months ago and that went through a series of technician obstacles to get published BUT is now finally available publicly. Hope you like it! Read here…

Maker Morning!

We had such a lovely time making with parents at my school. This video capture the atmosphere of this maker morning, an exciting experience to build a sense of community and promote creativity and collaboration!