PYP French – some teaching ideas

I would like to share some of the ideas that are popping in my mind about my French PYP classes: Exploring the phonology of the language by...: keeping a journal of awarenesses (in mother tongue and/or English) creating a concert of vowels (and perhaps make a song with my lovely looping machine) making a skit … Continue reading PYP French – some teaching ideas

Paper electronics resources

Jie Qi (Chibitronics) had share many resources with participants to her ISTE18 session. I thought that might be useful to share it back (I know she is ok with that!): PAPER ELECTRONICS RESOURCES LIST CHIBITRONICS: Video tutorials: Full Circuit Sticker Sketchbook download: Simple card template:   LOVE TO CODE: Love to … Continue reading Paper electronics resources

2017 ISTE Outstanding Young Educator Award Application (video script)

This was the script I created for my video application for the ISTE Outstanding Young Educator Award. I received the award that year 🙂 In this video, I answer the question: "What role do you believe technology plays in making a positive difference in learning and teaching? I follow the vision of subordinating teaching to … Continue reading 2017 ISTE Outstanding Young Educator Award Application (video script)