Women in Tech

This pdf contains names and photos of a inspiring women in tech! Women in Tech

Paper electronics resources

Jie Qi (Chibitronics) had share many resources with participants to her ISTE18 session. I thought that might be useful to share it back (I know she is ok with that!): PAPER ELECTRONICS RESOURCES LIST CHIBITRONICS: http://chibitronics.com/ Video tutorials: https://chibitronics.com/how-to/ Full Circuit Sticker Sketchbook download: http://bunniefoo.com/chibi/sketchbook-en-v1.pdf Simple card template:  https://chibitronics.com/chibi_simple_template/   LOVE TO CODE: Love to … Continue reading Paper electronics resources

Reading using Beebots in preschool

This is a learning engagement on reading that I created a few years ago in collaboration with a preschool teacher. I thought it might be a useful resources to share. Beebots & QR codes

Student-led PD?

I am thinking of havin a monthly theme (each month could be one of the ISTE Standards for students) in the staff room where students could lead to inspire teachers. For example, having them share their learning of a particular ISTE Standard at recess time, around the Staff room area. We could give different opportunities … Continue reading Student-led PD?