Women in Tech

This pdf contains names and photos of a inspiring women in tech! Women in Tech

Paper electronics resources

Jie Qi (Chibitronics) had share many resources with participants to her ISTE18 session. I thought that might be useful to share it back (I know she is ok with that!): PAPER ELECTRONICS RESOURCES LIST CHIBITRONICS: http://chibitronics.com/ Video tutorials: https://chibitronics.com/how-to/ Full Circuit Sticker Sketchbook download: http://bunniefoo.com/chibi/sketchbook-en-v1.pdf Simple card template:  https://chibitronics.com/chibi_simple_template/   LOVE TO CODE: Love to … Continue reading Paper electronics resources

Reading using Beebots in preschool

This is a learning engagement on reading that I created a few years ago in collaboration with a preschool teacher. I thought it might be a useful resources to share. Beebots & QR codes