Self-assess competencies

This is a simple template I created on GoogleSheet to help students self-assess (for a course that must be graded out of 10) using the SOLO taxonomy for each competency (under three roles). As students edit the table, the spider graph will be automatically created and help them see where they were at the start … Continue reading Self-assess competencies

Sources that influence self-efficacy

Self-efficacy is an individual’s belief in his/her/their own ability to attain a certain goal. Our beliefs about competence and confidence to achieve influence our achievement. So, what can influence the development of our self-efficacy? I made a visual summary of the four factors that we have control over to make our students grow their self-efficacy. … Continue reading Sources that influence self-efficacy

Why we need more EI than IQ

What a wonderful opportunity to learn from and along Anil Friedman about the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI). We have recorded 6 short video clips to share important aspects of EI. Please share back and subscribe to the channel if you want to know more about this topic in the future. We would love to … Continue reading Why we need more EI than IQ

3 Realms of Meaningful PD

Emma Ahmed and I presented this model with three realms for meaningful and personalized PD. From absorbing ideas, to risk-taking and creating/contributing. We hope this is inspiring for educators who want to think about PD in new ways. In the document below, you will find the description of each realm and practical ideas. In the … Continue reading 3 Realms of Meaningful PD

Debunking the learning styles myth

It’s not a scoop but learning styles don’t exist! “Decades of research suggest that learning styles, or the belief that people learn better when they receive instruction in their dominant way of learning, may be one of the most pervasive myths about cognition” (Nancekivell et al., 2019). According to their study, 90% people believe learning … Continue reading Debunking the learning styles myth

Data Wise Online Course

I am getting started with an online course: Introduction to Data Wise – a collaborative process to improve learning teaching. As I got started, the Most Important Point that was highlighted was that educators and administrators using the Data Wise approach in schools keep conversations strictly around learning evidence I will share some of my notes … Continue reading Data Wise Online Course

French Meditation to start the class

I created this video for my French learners. I use it as a routine to start the class so students can come in, relax, calm down and then feel ready to learn: Feel free to share away!