My Sketches

I recently started sketchnoting as I was very inspired by Sylvia Duckworth, had a chance to meet and collaborate with her and naturally, she made me draw when I visited her classroom. A few weeks later, I thought to myself “why not try a sketchnote…” even though I honestly didn’t think I was going to be hooked to it but it really relaxed me and made me put great ideas into a drawings, and visuals really speak to people.


Every attempt to sketch – using the Procreate App on iPad and a simple stylus I got as a swag – make me understand new things. I slowly improved my use of the app with tools, tricks and layers and I feel more and more confident that I can draw something nicer and nicer.

I will keep updating this page with my latest Sketches, hopefully, I will continue as it looks like it’s becoming my new obsession!