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Book published by ISTE

Stretch Yourself! A Personalized Journey to Deepen Your Teaching Practice.

ISTE, Empowered Learner Magazine

10 March 2017 Maker Mornings move parents from observers to co-learners

Ignite Talk @ISTE 2017 San Antonio

What is stopping you from reaching the moon?

Blog Post on EdTechReview

How to we get our teenage students to develop a positive digital footprint? (February 2017)

Blog Post on EdTechTeam Blog

Curriculum Mapping with G Suite (Jan 2017)

Blog Posts for Common Sense Education

Refresh with the ISTE Standards for Students (Jan 2017)

3 Ways to Empower Teachers and Transform Classrooms (June 2016)


Article in American School of Bombay Future Forward Volume 7

Developing “Glocal” Mindsets in the Primary Years

Article in the IS magazine

‘The Silent Way’ to Language Acquisition

Reviews on Common Sense Education

Read&Write: “THE” solution for ALL teachers to “differentiate” and for students to be “self-directed” learners (Jan 2017)

Seesaw Class : “The” App to Embrace Student’s Agency (May 2016)

Zookazam: Great Virtual Reality App to Inquire about Animal Life (May 2016)

Duolingo: Impact Limited by the “Translation” Approach (Nov 2015)

Google Classroom: A Platform for Innovative Educators (Nov 2015)

Digital Compass: Learning by Choice (Nov 2015)

Lesson Plans on Common Sense Education

K-2 Maths – Basic Adding: Be a Serial Mistake-Maker to Demonstrate your Understanding (Sept 2016)

Grade 5 – Science – Understanding Gravity: Basic Forces (Sept 2016)

K – Science/English Language Learning – An Inquiry into Saving the Planet: Understanding the Natural World (May 2016)

K – English Language Arts – Reading Robot! Beebot and English Literacy (April 2016)

Grade 2 – Social Studies – Guess What I am! Search Challenges for Digital Literacy (April 2016)

Grade 10 – World Languages – Fairy Tales: A Critical Point of View (April 2016)

Contribution for Google Edu 

Recordings for Google Edu Training Center


Login with Google here and go under Trainer  Course –> Design Professional Learning –> Develop a Training Plan or click HERE to access the recordings.

Google Edu Transformation Center

Find your first followers! Create a Tech Mentor Team

Family Mornings: Getting parents on board with your vision

Orientation Week: Get the school year started with meaning

Students Bootcamp: A time to set expectations for digital citizenship

Student-led Tech Assemblies: Give your students a voice

Digital citizenship sessions with parents using Hangouts on Air

~ French ~

Article for FDLM

Mes débuts d’enseignante Silent Way

Article for UEPD

Silent Way: Subordonner l’enseignement à l’apprentissage

La traversée des sons aux lettres avec Savoir-Lire au Quotidien

Anthropological Videos

Offrande maternelle et fillette impertinente, Temple de Mangleshwar, Mana, Village du Haut des Rongpa

La Photo: Toilette à 7 mois de Vishal Ganesh

Videos published at the Musée de l’Homme – Paris. Conditions d’utilisation / Copyright : © 2010 Fanny Passeport & SMM CNRS/MNHN Paris