Material from sessions

Keynote Presentations

How about leaving those kids alone?

3 Secret Weapons to Create Magic and Start Innovating

Unlocking Teachers’ Creativity and Power!

Being a Glocal Learner and Educator

Language Acquisition & Tech

Integrating technology in the language acquisition classroom (PYP, MYP)

Maker Sessions

Tinkering with Chibitronics to Empower Learners

Curriculum Mapping Sessions

Curriculum Mapping with G Suite (2017)

Curriculum Mapping with G Suite (2016)

Change and Design Thinking

Engaging in Moonshot Thinking

Engaging Learners

Design Thinking Workshop and Follow Up Workshop

Create Space for Change

Sessions based on the ISTE Standards

Putting the ISTE Standards for Coaches into action

Power to the Students! The ISTE Standards for Students 2016

Making your EdTech Vision a Reality

The ISTE Standards for Educators

Digital Citizenship Sessions

Whose is this? (plagiarism, copyrights, creative commons, public domain)

G Suite Sessions

Chromebook Basics

Gmail for Productivity: Tips and Tricks

Google Calendar: Getting Started

Google Classroom: Getting Started

Google Classroom: Advanced

Google Form Level 1 

Google Form Level 2 (now a bit outdated)

Google Drive: Getting Started or Getting Going

Google Sheet: Getting Started

Google Slides: Getting Started

GoogleDoc: Getting Started

YouTube Level 1

YouTube Level 2

Google Apps: Productivity & Security

The Art of Branching

Google Apps for Education Ecosystem Overview

Inspiring Ideas with Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education (workshop in Maldives)

Learners’ Agency with Google Classroom

E-portfolio with Site-Maestro Add-on

Spicy up your Google Forms

Differentiation & Personalized Learning

Differentiation & Personalized Learning

Differentiation & Personalized Learning (updated version)

From Differentiation to Personalized Learning (latest)

Admin Sessions

Introduction to Google Apps and Gmail

Introduction to Google Calendar

Productivity & Collaboration with the Google Apps for Education


Digital Assessments with G Suite and other tools

EdTech Certifications

Searching & Finding EdTech Resources

Plickers in the Classroom

BrainPOP: Getting Started

Breakout EDU: Getting Started