Dreams Tracker

I like to keep reminding myself that I have dreams and I work towards making them turn into reality!!

My first dream was to go to India. I went there, alone, when I was 18 years old and I have been traveling or living there since then!

My second dream was to see Nitin Sawhney in concert. I did it and it was wonderful! I even got my CD autographed at the time 🙂

Then I wanted to meet Jennie Magiera, I met her 2-3 times 🙂

I wanted to meet Sugata Mitra, I met him twice.

I wanted to go to ISTE 2016 and I did! Now I just can’t wait to attend ISTE 2017 (except that “why Texas??!!!!”)


My current dreams are:

Living in Germany in the Black forest or something similar. I love greenery, I love forests and I want to learn German, I am very attracted to the language and culture.

To go to the Philharmonic Orchestra of Berlin and watch a concert led by Sir Rattle. This is going to happen soon, I can feel it!

I could also attend the New Year Concert in Vienna…