About me

I am an active, energetic and self-directed learner who is always looking for the next challenge! This is my story…

I am from France but live in India where I work as a K-12 EdTech Coach at Mercedes-Benz International School in Pune. I graduated as a student in ethno-ecology and studied people-tiger conflict in the Corbett Tiger Reserve and later about the relationships between the Bhotiya community and their environment in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. Consequently, I teach a part of Theory of Knowledge called “Indigenous Knowledge Systems” at my school. [Find resources about Theory of Knowledge here]. While studying ethno-ecology, I enrolled in an online course on French Foreign Language Teaching Pedagogy. I started teaching English as a Second Language in France and then moved to India to teach French in international schools. I started using “Moodle” and my interest slowly grew towards blended learning. I became the “Tech-Savvy” colleague who helped others with technical glitches and soon started to read more about technology integration. It was only when I became a “Google Certified Teacher” that I really entered the EdTech sphere. I became a Google Certified Educator/Trainer, a Common Sense Education EdTech Mentor/Ambassador/Digital Citizenship Educator, a Seesaw Ambassador and a BrainPOP Educator.  These titles helped me get recognized and feel valued and opened up multiple networks of like-minded people with whom I often collaborate. From a tool-centered approach, I slowly developed an understanding of the impact and purpose of EdTech which I share on my website and blog: http://www.noborderslearning.com

I have co-developed (with Richard Anderson) a system of “Curriculum Mapping with G Suite” and share my open-source 100% free idea, with over 900+ members on Google+.  [click here to join us]. This is a big part of my EdTech engagement.

I continue to teach French as a Foreign Language using the ‘Silent Way’ approach which encourages students’ voice and creativity. I am currently fascinated by electronics and personalized learning. I love finding and solving problems, I consider myself a moonshot thinker and a positive disruptor always trying to ask killer questions to move things forward in my school.

I am strongly involved with ISTE, in particular with the EdTech Coaches PLN and Young Educator Network. I became a community champion and a reviewer. I won the ISTE 2016 EdTech Coach PLN award and one of the 2016 Emerging Leader award.