PD that makes us thrive! My thoughts about #ISTE20 Live

You are thinking of attending #ISTE20 Live but not quite sure?

I am sharing with you my experience and some research findings about how this conference is not like any other, it over delivers in so many aspects because it’s designed to make us thrive!

Key Pointers:

The conditions for intrinsically motivating PD is when the structure supports three essential psychological needs:

  • Relatedness: we are connected to others and feel included and ISTE does bring this amazing vibe of being part of a tribe of optimistic, daring educators who are committed to student learning. We can get so excited to meet one another, many times meeting people we follow on social media or simply making impromptu connections with others and the ISTE folks, with their open heart, have intentionally designed the experience for ISTE 20 Live to offer such wonderful opportunities to satisfy relatedness.
  • Competence: we have opportunities to demonstrate competence, to develop self-efficacy, to unleash our I CAN power. There is flexibility in the offerings and we can scaffold our own learning. For example, during ISTE20 Live, there are over 600 sessions and all sessions are recorded and available until April 2021!
  • Autonomy: we have opportunities for choice so we can volitionally engage in specific sessions and events, connecting our goals and aspirations to our actions, endorsing our actions, feeling in control of our learning. We can choose sessions and formats and pace as well because we can join some sessions live or watch others later. We can satisfy our thirst for learning something we need now and we can continue to stretch our learning muscle by inquiring into other topics and watching other sessions later. Reference: Ryan, R. M., & Deci, E. L. (2017). Self-determination theory: Basic psychological needs in motivation, development, and wellness. Guilford Press.

I also wanted to promote my friend and co-author’s blog post in relation to the Perils of Overstretching (Caitlin McLemore).

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