EdTech Tools that promote structure & dialogue

I was inspired by the post: The Unproductive Debate between Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning.

It’s all about balancing structure and dialogue. In that case, I wanted to share with you my go-to EdTech tools to engage students and continue to support their needs for relatedness, competence and autonomy:

  • Padlet and Wakelet — Allow for organization of resources and collaboration (for elementary and secondary students).
  • Miro and Mural — Allow for organization asynchronously and protocols synchronously (for secondary students).
  • Breakout rooms (Zoom) — Great way to meet in small groups and do group collaboration (for elementary and secondary students).
  • Google Hangout Chats — Great way to interact with students on chat in varied groups. (for elementary and secondary students, particularly for upper primary/middle schoolers as you can embed how to use chat responsibly, a skills they need at that age).
  • Menti — To create interactive presentation that engages the audience (great for upper elementary and secondary students).

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