PYP French – some teaching ideas

I would like to share some of the ideas that are popping in my mind about my French PYP classes:

Exploring the phonology of the language by…:

  • keeping a journal of awarenesses (in mother tongue and/or English)
  • creating a concert of vowels (and perhaps make a song with my lovely looping machine)
  • making a skit about sounds combat
  • using scratch to create a programme to practice sounds
  • using scratch and makey-makey to create interactive work of art that speak
  • practicing yoga in French
  • creating breakout edu games
  • engaging in scavenger hunts


Other ideas might be…

  • mindfulness in French
  • conversations with Dash and Dot
  • Makerspace integrations
  • sentence constructions with fridge magnets
  • record a podcast
  • breakout edu
  • cooking
  • stop motion animation
  • Mystery Skype in French
  • Choose a picture and explain why you chose it
  • Virtual field trip (Versailles)
  • Greenscreen
  • Invisible writing tasks
  • Penpals
  • Passion projects (linked to the exhibition)
  • Create a collective illustrated book for children in French

As we personalize learning, students create their own goals and review them regularly to track their progress. We should have a spreadsheet to keep track of them and celebrate achievements.

Using peer assessments and self-assessments, we can promote autonomy and inter dependence. We need to know for ourselves that we know or don’t know a concept, how to correct ourselves or when to ask for support and how to develop inner criteria of self-correctness.

Some of the resources might include…

5Dplanner, 360 degree + Thinglink, Minecraftedu, EdPuzzle (create) and share your recipe online, Voki, Tour Builder, Edpuzzle, duolingo, rosetta stone, story board, Twitter, searching, planning a trip, creating a blog post, makey-makey, sketchnote, aurasma, QR code, infographic…

Some of the ways we can celebrate learning and reflecting…

Every time the students come in the class, they go across the “magic boundary” (ligne magique). They start with a calm activity (breath in and out, yoga or mindfulness in French), they express their intention to work (from the list in the classroom: this list is populated with the students and updated when the need arises).

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