Response to Intervention

What is RTI? Response to Intervention is a tiered process used to help all students succeed in the classroom. This video is very clear for an introduction: I have been quite interested in finding out a little more about how RTI works in schools. As I continue to inquire about this, I have found … Continue reading Response to Intervention

Use of trans-language in the Foreign Language Class

What is trans-language? Well, it's a mix of languages! It's a communication process where the speakers uses several languages! Why is this useful? We don't want to wait for a speaker to be perfect to start speaking! Trans-language is the promotion of communication and expression by using creative ways to make meaning and share ideas. … Continue reading Use of trans-language in the Foreign Language Class

Data Wise Online Course

I am getting started with an online course: Introduction to Data Wise - a collaborative process to improve learning teaching. As I got started, the Most Important Point that was highlighted was that educators and administrators using the Data Wise approach in schools keep conversations strictly around learning evidence I will share some of my notes … Continue reading Data Wise Online Course