What makes a great teacher?

Remember… when you were a student (or you attended a workshop). What do you remember most about your teacher/trainer?


The terrible teacher…

The great teacher…

speaks all the time challenges students
is boring is passionate
does not listen to your comments listens to your questions
criticises kind and respectful
talks to the board is funny … or appreciates humour
reads from the text book all the time is open to other’s ideas
compares creates a caring class environment
Ridicules your ideas uses current affairs /concerns of students
Stands or sits in one place all the time

Does not allow for students to ask questions/ or get into conversations

Gives time

for exploring

humiliating supportive
boring and no student participation listens
has  favourites allows a range of resources and types
dictates notes tells you every little things about how you got to write your notes or essay. loves students and their ideas
always gives homework and no proper explanation given in the classroom appreciates and listens
made us stand till we learned a definition motivational
was a bully makes it interesting for kids with his presence
went completely off topic almost always involved the students in discussions as compared to other teachers who would nly talk and make t he lesson boring
did not like me asking questions guides , inspires
did not caring
was very soft spoken i could not hear what the trainer was saying. made us listen to a song and then write an essay based on the theme Neil Diamond’s song “What do you get when you fall in love”
unfriendly was friendly kind, had many illustrations
is a dictator Is childlike
homework not completed stand out of the classroom friendly
reads your draft and gives feedback and suggests without ridicule
accepts mistakes
has activities/resources ready for relevant

for extension NOT worksheets


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