Trick on presenting with Google on air

How to present like a pro?

I would like to share a short description on how I decided to organize my Google Edu on Air presentation after asking Eric Curts for a few tips.

My situation is the following:

I am the presenter. I have slides and speaker’s notes. A friend of mine is moderating by joining my hangout.

This is what I plan to do:

I will have my slides and speaker’s notes running on my laptop. Ideally, I should have two monitors attached to one device in order to have my slides on one screen and my speaker’s notes on the other BUT the trick is that no one will see my screen cause I will only use my camera. Hehehe!

On the other hand, my friend will share the screen (and be muted so we can hear me) and she shares her screen and runs the presentation for me. Since she will be in the same room than me on that day, I could have a sign for her to move from one slide to the other. In Andy Craig’s coaching class, he was asking the person to go to the next slide orally, which is also fine.

Now, to have people only see me (and not my screen), I should click on the down arrow on my thumbnail and choose “present to everyone”(more about this function). Then I can switch back and forth between my face and the slides.

Hope this can help others


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