Paper electronics resources

Jie Qi (Chibitronics) had share many resources with participants to her ISTE18 session. I thought that might be useful to share it back (I know she is ok with that!): PAPER ELECTRONICS RESOURCES LIST CHIBITRONICS: Video tutorials: Full Circuit Sticker Sketchbook download: Simple card template:   LOVE TO CODE: Love to … Continue reading Paper electronics resources

2017 ISTE Outstanding Young Educator Award Application (video script)

This was the script I created for my video application for the ISTE Outstanding Young Educator Award. I received the award that year 🙂 In this video, I answer the question: "What role do you believe technology plays in making a positive difference in learning and teaching? I follow the vision of subordinating teaching to … Continue reading 2017 ISTE Outstanding Young Educator Award Application (video script)

What makes a great teacher?

Remember… when you were a student (or you attended a workshop). What do you remember most about your teacher/trainer? The terrible teacher... The great teacher... speaks all the time challenges students is boring is passionate does not listen to your comments listens to your questions criticises kind and respectful talks to the board is funny … Continue reading What makes a great teacher?