Student-led PD?

I am thinking of havin a monthly theme (each month could be one of the ISTE Standards for students) in the staff room where students could lead to inspire teachers. For example, having them share their learning of a particular ISTE Standard at recess time, around the Staff room area. We could give different opportunities for different students (different age groups) and different themes, there can be a video trailer sent to the teachers in advance with the schedule of the mini PD themes. We could start with a month on Computational Thinker (= STEAM, coding, …)…

I like the idea of alternative PD, sometimes the “drop-in” model does not work because – like mentioned earlier – not enough people show up. If we bring the PD to them (around the staff room), they are more likely to be curious and join in. I noticed 2 important things in my role:
1- People don’t know what they don’t know –> therefore forcing it a little bit by showing them helps them realise they need to become aware of something new
2- We don’t need to touch everyone to make a difference –> it’s ok when certain teachers never particpate, others will and they can influence the system.

thank you!

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