PYP Class book on “The Sounds of French”

The book was created with the students and cover the three lines of inquiry and the central idea.

Central Idea: Learning a new language helps me connect with myself and others.
Chapter 1 – The sounds of the language (Line of Inquiry 1) 
Students share their awarenesses about the sounds, intonation, accent that they have collectively noticed. They also share their individual awareness based on their personal experience and in relation to their mother tongue (here we allowed the use of mother tongue to celebrate diversity) in a written form.

Chapter 2 – How languages are similar and different (Line of Inquiry 2) 
The students have shared the differences between the vowels sounds in French and in their mother tongue and recorded themselves. Then the teacher used scratch and Makey-Makey to create an interactive coded book page.

Chapter 3 – How interacting with others help us learn languages (Line of Inquiry 3) 
Each students has a QR code linking to their Seesaw journal where they recorded a video about themselves explaining how learning with others helped them.
We have also added that the “Clock Partners” were collectively helping everyone to interact and cooperate.


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