ISTE 2017 Sessions

I am so excited to go to ISTE for the second time and to have 2 of my 3 proposals accepted. It’s great to see the progress made over the years.

One of my session is in collaboration with Richard Anderson that is my close collaborator for the last 2 years (despite the 10,000 km that separate us!). This session is about Curriculum Mapping with G Suite. We have a Google+ Community of close to 1,000 members now and we can’t wait to share with more people! In this session, we’ll showcase how to develop your own curriculum mapping site to make your dream possible. Your teachers will love the collaboration and efficiency of this solution.

My other session is about the ISTE Standards for Coaches. Knowing about the ISTE Standards for Coaches is good, but implementing meaningful actions to support them is essential. We’ll look at innovative projects and programs that develop and model all of the coaches standards using design thinking strategies and networking/global collaboration.

Can’t wait to participate!

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