Sketchnoting Fever!

I started using the Procreate App on iPad and using a normal “cheap” stylus to start my first sketches. Every time, it takes me a looonnnngggg time to achieve my goal and I am never completely happy but I can see that I am progressing and constantly learning from my mistakes, modeling “failing forward!”

This is my first sketch on the ISTE Standards for students:



Then I created the following one to help a colleague in presenting about our K-12 Digital Citizenship Programme:

tree-and-mbis-1I then made one on the Digital Citizenship elements of ISTE:


and today, I worked very hard to create a new one about ISTE’s 10 tips for leveraging technology, coaching and community:


I think I am more and more excited about sketchnoting to make thinking and learning visible and to share with my PLN online.

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